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Chill on the GoT Sansa pregnancy rumors — I’m telling you right now she’s not

If you are currently clearing your schedule for the next few weeks to allow yourself maximum free time to constantly replay the most epic episode of television in recent memory on a perpetual loop, then fear not, because we are kindred, you and I.

“Battle of the Bastards” was profoundly game-changing on so many levels. Game of Thrones rarely misses and their Episode 9’s have a long history of being incredible, but this particular one was on a level previously uncharted by most television shows. It’s pretty much the barometer by which all other future battle scenes will be judged. Tough break, future battle scenes.

Image: HBO

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The battle in itself was like something out of an epic cinematic masterpiece, but it was a particular scene at the very end that really changed things. Of course, I’m referring to that now infamous scene where Sansa turned Ramsay into dog food. Before she made us all take a hard look in the mirror for committing a murder that delighted us more than any murder should, Ramsay said something that launched a thousand fan theories.

“You can’t kill me. I’m part of you now.”

Of course, he was super wrong about at least one of those statements, but it’s the other one that gave fans the chilly willies and caused speculation about a possible pregnancy to come rushing forth like a cache of Wildfire that’s totally hidden King’s Landing (that’s a theory for another day, friends). I don’t think Sansa is pregnant at all. For one, that jump from the tower at Winterfell that she made with Theon last season would have been pretty tough on a growing embryo, and then her plunge into a freezing cold river immediately following it would probably finish that job right off. Those logistics aside, the idea of Sansa being preggo just doesn’t do anything for the story. It would completely bog down a character whose arc has grown exponentially since Season 1.

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Ramsay probably wasn’t exactly going for a literal statement when he said he was part of her now. Instead, I think he meant that he had deeply changed who she once was and perhaps left a festering wound inside of her via the abuse she endured under his control. Let’s be real here, you don’t walk away from what Sansa went through without being touched in some truly profound ways that are bound to change how you relate to the world around you. I think that Ramsay was getting one final dig in by pointing out that thanks to his handiwork, Sansa is not exactly an innocent flower anymore. I think it was also a way to convey this exact message to the fans watching along as well.

Sansa is changed, guys. No, she’s not pregnant, she’s evolving before our eyes. Think about it. We have been seeing hints of Sansa’s ferocity leaking out since she showed up at Castle Black. She quickly spoke up to Ser Davos and the head of House Glover when they undermined her desire to win her home back. When it was discovered that Rickon was a prisoner of Ramsay, she seemed intent on saving him, but later resigned to the fact that he was probably already dead. Then, she took matters into her own hands by contacting Littlefinger and using her sway with him to get what she wanted, which was fighting men so that she could win this battle. Once the battle commenced, she kept her mouth shut while hundreds of her own men died brutally for her family name. Sure, the Knights of the Vale riding in there just in time was legendary like nothing I have ever seen, but like, maybe she could have let someone know that they were coming before the piles of Stark/Mormont/Wildling corpses actually reached the clouds. She didn’t, though, because Sansa is out for Sansa now. She trusts no one. She’s playing the game.

Sansa has certainly seen some shit. She had witnessed deaths and even helped cover up murders. One thing remained until the last episode, though — Sansa had yet to actually kill a man. When she opened those kennels and made a chew toy out of Ramsay, she walked away with a smirk on her face as he screamed in agony behind her. Now, we all celebrated. Don’t get me wrong here, Ramsay dying was like Christmas morning, a warm cup of perfectly brewed coffee and the feeling that a sneeze gives you, all rolled into one bloody package, but it’s still super intense to see her smile during it.

Image: HBO

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This is a new Sansa. She’s leaps and bounds from the little girl in Season 1 who only dreamed of marrying a king and living happily ever after. Sansa didn’t just passively sit on the sidelines during this battle, she threw the Hail Mary pass for the win. To think that all of her development and evolution is due to or climaxing with a pretty devastating pregnancy resulting from numerous rapes at the hands of a sadistic psychopath is kind of undervaluing her real growth here, and the real meaning of Ramsay’s words. His ruthlessness is definitely a part of her now. Let’s just hope that she can use it for things other than flaying people alive and murdering newborn babies. If she can keep herself out of that business, I think we have a contender for the throne on our hands.

Do you think Sansa will battle for power now that she snuffed out her abuser?

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