Great news: Bethenny Frankel thinks her new bf is her 'perfect match'

Jun 22, 2016 at 11:45 a.m. ET

Bethenny Frankel's new relationship has been making a lot of headlines (and some people are already judging her because he is still technically married), but Frankel is happier than we've seen her in a long time.

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Frankel and Dennis Shields have known each other for almost three decades, and several months after he separated from his wife (who was one of Frankel's high school friends), they started dating — and judging by Frankel's recent comments to People magazine, it's going pretty well.

"We've both been married and separated," Frankel told the magazine, adding, "So we're a perfect match. Like everything else in my life, I'm owning it."

But unlike the other aspects of her life, Frankel is hoping to keep her relationship with Shields private.

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"My personal life is exactly where I want it to be right now. I haven't been this happy in a really long time, and I'm continuing with my policy of not involving anybody in my relationships, because it certainly has served me wrong in the past," Frankel explained. "I want to keep it private for as long as I can. It has not worked out with me well in the past to be gushing over being really happy. I'll leave that part to my castmates."

We're glad to hear that Frankel is in such a good place, and Shields is clearly contributing to that happiness. Are you pleased to learn that Frankel has found a man who's making her feel so special? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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