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Imagine what would happen if Aubrey O’Day & Brandi Glanville stopped being catty

Aubrey O’Day and Brandi Glanville are two fiercely strong, honest women who could do a lot for each other — if only they could stop being so freaking catty with one another. The two beauties constantly fought and shaded each other on the latest episode of Famously Single and it was so frustrating to watch.

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Their cattiness came to a head during the group therapy session. Glanville called O’Day out for letting her ego stop her from really taking any of their exercises seriously. She also said O’Day was unnecessarily rude to the guests each cast member brought on their nighttime cruise.

As expected, O’Day took this opportunity to let loose on Glanville, saying Glanville’s entire body is filled with negativity and she just plain doesn’t like her. The women went from normal to cutting each other down in a matter of minutes.

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As a viewer, it’s easy to see that the women don’t get along because they’re so much alike. They’re both honest without apologizing, they’ve both suffered some very public shame and they both have the same inflated egos. But what’s more frustrating than their behavior is that they don’t see the similarities and try to help each other out.

They would both be so much further along in their journey if they would offer each other critiques that came from a loving, supportive place, rather than pure cattiness and competition. But instead, they’re tearing each other down.

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The best we can hope for is that the Famously Single therapist can show the two women this and encourage them to celebrate each other more often. Otherwise, they’re both going to give women a bad name if they keep acting like they are.

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