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I want to believe Harvey will save Mike on Suits, but I don’t think he can

When Suits Season 5 came to an end, fans saw the series take a turn for the worse. Not only does it look like Pearson Specter Litt is coming to an end, but Mike ended up taking Anita Gibbs’ two-year prison deal. It’s still shocking to think come Season 6 that Mike will no longer be practicing law but trying to survive in prison.

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Well, based on this Suits Season 6 promo shared by TV Guide, it sure looks like the upcoming season is going to be as stressful as viewers probably imagined. If you thought Mike would have a hard time in prison, you’re right. I mean, it sure looks like Mike is getting beat up by other prisoners. Here’s hoping it’s all just a bad dream.

It also looks like there is some tension between Mike and Harvey, who is trying to do all he can to save Mike. As Mike tells Harvey, all he can think about right now is surviving and getting out of prison alive. Even though Harvey has managed to be the hero in almost every situation from past seasons, I don’t think he’s going to be able to rescue Mike or his firm. Yes, things are that bad.

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Mike is the one who took the prison deal, so what can Harvey do about that? As for the firm, which is now being sued for every case Mike “has ever touched,” well, maybe he’ll be able to pull something out of his bag of tricks. That said, at least Harvey realizes he is partly responsible for everything happening. In the promo he declares, “We all know I got us into this mess. It’s time I got us out of it.”

Everyone knows Mike, Harvey, Jessica, Rachel, Donna, Louis and the firm’s dirty laundry. How will they ever come back from that? Well, I really hope Harvey can clean up the mess, but I just don’t have much faith right now. It’s definitely a difficult situation and one that doesn’t seem likely to end happily at this moment in time.

I’m definitely ready for new episodes, especially to see how Mike handles prison and if Harvey will be able to save the day.

Suits Season 6 premieres Wednesday, July 13 at 9/8c on USA.

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