Below Deck Med's Danny Zureikat has the right idea going for the tips

Jun 21, 2016 at 11:20 p.m. ET
Image: Bravo

It's no secret that Danny Zureikat is the most hated crew member on Below Deck Med. Pretty much everybody thinks that he is lazy, unprofessional and inappropriate.

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I am an exception to the rule in that I don't have a huge problem with Zureikat. He does have a problem with knowing when and how to behave in a professional manner, but I think that there is a place for his style of service. If you apply the bread and circus metaphor to the yachting world, the crew on the Ionian Princess wants to stick with bread — but there is sometimes value in the circus as well.

Bobby Giancola
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Personally, if I booked a charter, I would not want to be bothered by the crew members. The more privacy I can get, the better. But not everybody is like me and some prefer a little entertainment from the staff. Tonight's odd assortment of guests subscribed to this latter version of service; they even requested that a few of the crew members accompany them ashore in hopes of scoring dates with some of the Mediterranean's finest ladies.

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As always, the rest of the crew got super fed up when Zureikat didn't immediately come to their aid, and with good reason; when he goofs off with the guests, he leaves more work for everyone else. And when he helps the guests bring ladies back on the yacht, he creates a lot more work. That being said, interacting with guests isn't always a bad thing, particularly when that's what they explicitly request. If the yacht's crew members really want to land those tips, it's not in their best interest to give guests the cold shoulder.

Danny Zureikat
Image: Bravo

Ultimately, most of the drama on the yacht comes down to simple definitions of service. Do you give the guests a clean environment and good food, as Hannah Ferrier and Bryan Kattenburg insist, or do you provide a memorable experience? I think it all depends on the guest. These guests obviously wanted to be entertained by the crew, so Zureikat did the right thing.

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What do you think of Danny Zureikat's behavior on Below Deck Mediterranean? Should he stop consorting with the guests? Comment and share your opinion below.