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Sorry, Brallie haters, we’ve got bad news for you for The Fosters Season 4

When Brandon and Callie first started to get romantically involved on The Fosters, it seemed like a relationship fans could root for. Sure, it was weird that they were foster siblings, but the heart wants what the heart wants, right?

But the Brallie storyline seems to have run its course in the eyes of some viewers, and shippers have turned their back on the would-be couple — some even going as far as to abandon the show because the program keeps pushing the star-crossed lovers’ tale down fans’ throats.

If you were hoping now that the moms know that Brandon and Callie had sex in Idyllwild the plot line would be squelched, think again. Executive producer Bradley Bredeweg says there’s plenty more of Brallie to come.

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“Absolutely,” Bredeweg said in a recent interview with TVLine when asked if there will be more story to tell now that Brandon and Callie have revealed their relationship. “You know our moms pretty well by now. There is major fallout that has repercussions throughout the entire Season 4A. It very much is a driver and a big part of the season.”

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There’s so much more action to distract naysayers from the Brallie fallout, though. Between the fact that Nick is still on the loose with a gun and Jude is now asking himself if God is mad at him for being gay and considering trying to date Taylor, there are plenty of gripping storylines that make The Fosters too great a show to abandon just yet.

Just check out all the chilling suspense that’s up in next week’s episode.

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What do you think? Are you sick of the Brallie storyline already, or are you team Brallie forever?

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