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Maya Rudolph’s ‘vajingle’ ad stole the show from Full Frontal

Maya Rudolph dominated the first ad break during Monday night’s Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, stealing the show with her “vajingle” ad for Seventh Generation. The almost-two-minute ad for feminine care products free of “unnecessary chemicals” took up an entire ad break, and was, in the eyes of viewers, the perfect accompaniment to the unapologetically feminist Full Frontal.

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After Samantha Bee shamed Senate Republicans against gun control, but before she moved on to call out the GOP and Donald Trump for pandering to racist voters, Full Frontal viewers were treated to a delightful “vajingle.” In the ad, Rudolph sang an ode to her new Seventh Generation chemical-free products. “Hey, Mister Chemical, stay away from my vajayjay,” she belted.

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It’s rare that audiences (women in particular) get to see a tampon ad that so directly addresses the real importance of feminine hygiene products, not to mention an ad that actually says the word “vagina” — or, as Rudolph sang, “the sacred area of my lady body.” Needless to say, the vagina jingle, or “vajingle” as Rudolph calls it, grabbed Full Frontal viewers, who praised the ad on Twitter.

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The “vajingle” might have dominated the Twitterverse during Full Frontal, but that’s not to say that Bee wasn’t also on fire. After her memorable reaction to the Orlando massacre last week, Bee switched gears to take aim at the GOP and their presidential nominee, Donald Trump, whom she correctly dubbed the “orange supremacists.” Bee took down Trump for his use of the historically racist slogan “America first,” tying it to American isolationist and white supremacist movements. Bee didn’t stop there, comparing the GOP’s increased pandering to racist voters to the legacy of Breaking Bad — a show about drug dealers. Let me emphasize this point: Samantha Bee compared the GOP to fictional drug dealers, which, I guess, makes racism the new crystal meth. And thus, Bee retains her late night throne.

“Vajingle” might be going viral, but Full Frontal still deserves the buzz.

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