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How Paris Jackson honors her deceased father is none of your business

Paris Jackson has given her late dad Michael Jackson tribute after tribute in the years since he died, but that’s not enough for some internet trolls.

Jackson spent the weekend getting her party on at the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, and pics of her antics have been filling her Instagram stream — like this one, from yesterday, which happened to be Father’s Day.

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Rather than being happy that the girl is having a great time and celebrating life instead of crying in a dark room all alone, the trolls came out in full force to shame her for not making a big, huge deal about the day on social media.

But guess what? Paris is not having it. She shut the haters down in the best, most precise way possible.

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Paris most recently had the album cover for Dangerous tattooed on her inner arm — and it served a double purpose. In addition to being a tribute to her dad, she revealed that her tattoos cover up scars from years of self-injury by cutting.

Frankly, it’s wonderful that Paris is choosing to live her life to the fullest rather than brood about the past. She struggled to come to terms with her loss for years, and it’s great to see her enjoying life like the gorgeous young woman she is.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Paris Jackson slideshow
Image: Paris Jackson/Instagram

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