It's hard to watch Alvey put the moves on his new lawyer in Kingdom sneak peek

Jun 20, 2016 at 5:25 p.m. ET

Between Lisa, Christina and now possibly even Alicia, doesn't Alvey have enough women in his life? Apparently not, because this week, he's looking to add his newly hired lawyer, Roxanne, into the mix.

With Lisa (hopefully) temporarily out of the picture, Alvey isn't wasting any time making bad choices. The sexual tension between him and Alicia has been palpable lately, but that isn't going to stop him from hitting on Roxanne, Garo's lawyer he referred to Alvey for the accident he got in with a cyclist.

In a new sneak peek from Wednesday's upcoming episode, we get to witness Alvey's first meeting with Roxanne, who, unfortunately, lets him know that the cyclist does have a case against him, and he definitely needs to procure her very expensive services.

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But the real train wreck in the whole encounter comes when Alvey asks Roxanne out for a drink. Initially she resists, but after a little coercing she succumbs to Alvey's charms.

After watching Alvey's relationship with Lisa deteriorate, and knowing how his relationship with Christina is, getting together with a woman who holds the fate of his financial future in her hands is probably not a great idea, right? According to Frank Grillo, his character thrives on chaos and also might be a bit of a misogynist, so thinking about the outcome of his case probably isn't at the forefront of Alvey's mind.

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"I think Alvey is misogynistic. I really do. I think he comes from that world," Grillo said in a recent interview with Collider. "I don’t think it’s his fault. I think he’s a product of his environment. I don’t think he gives a shit, as much as the average guy does, when it comes to women. He’s like, 'Let’s have fun. Let’s have sex. Let’s drink a little. Let me do my thing. Leave me the fuck alone. And we’ll all be good.' And that’s not the way life is. If you came to my house and watched how my wife rules the roost, you would see how life is. That’s why it’s so fun to explore what life would be if I was a different kind of a man."

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Do you think it's bad news for Alvey to fraternize with his lawyer?

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