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TSwift’s new relationship is proof that celebrities are just like us

Bright lights, cameras and attention are the cornerstones of celebrity life. Hollywood is a different world than the one most of us live in. The problem with constant media attention to celebrities’ love lives is that it is not always useful for regular people to read about famous people finding love and relationships — with other stars — so quickly.

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Most people do not have the luxury of moving on so quickly because first you have to find a date after your relationship ends. This can take some time, as online daters and app users know, and even the barrage of dating apps does not guarantee a connection. I believe that this celebrity community has an easier time finding dates due to their popularity and social circles.

Most people go to work, hit the gym, have some close family relationships and participate in outside activities, but the pace of finding relationships is most likely slower due to the different environment and the differences in needs. I would assume the typical relationship takes some time to get off the air and develop. In contrast, in the Hollywood world and media, we can see celebs in and out of relationships quickly and photographs of this starlet with this handsome actor happen over and over again.

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As I read about Taylor Swift’s alleged new romance right after the demise of her previous one, I wondered how much glamorous appearances really mean. Celebrity couples seem to have more struggles to maintain long-term relationships. Relationships of all kinds have their challenges, but being scrutinized by the public might take its toll on relationships in ways most of us can’t understand.

Why do celebrities seem to move into fairy-tale relationships so soon after a breakup? We have seen this with Blake and Gwen and now with Taylor Swift. There might be factors that the relationship was over long before the public reads about it. The other question is about the rebound relationship: Can it last? In Blake and Gwen’s case, they still appear to be going strong, which could be a good sign for the relationship’s future.

As for the other Hollywood stars who appear to start dating minutes after a breakup, I still feel my advice as a marriage and family therapist would be to take your time for self-care and to work on yourself for just a bit of time. Dating will always be there, but spending time to learn about yourself and focus on you is important after any relationship ends.

Whether you are a celebrity or not, good self-care is always a must after ending a relationship. Take time to take care of yourself and your own emotional management before entering a new relationship. It’s more useful to heal and feel good before starting something new — and remember, it’s OK feel sad. Feeling all your emotions and working through them will help you heal and move forward.

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