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RHOD Brandi Redmond’s kids don’t deserve to pay for her mistakes

When Maci Bookout freaked out about Farrah Abraham returning to Teen Mom, I thought she was being completely ridiculous. She admitted that she was worried about her son being bullied due to his association with Abraham, who has been involved in some very controversial adult-entertainment gigs. At the time, I doubted that anybody would make fun of Bookout’s son for this reason, but over a year later, I’m far more sympathetic.

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It took a sad confession from Real Housewives of Dallas star Brandi Redmond for me to empathize with Bookout and her family. For Redmond, the problem was not her association with a controversial reality star, but rather, her own controversial behavior on RHOD. She was certainly not subdued on the show: she constantly talked about poop and Jesus juice. Evidently, the administration at her kids’ private school did not approve of her behavior, to the point that they decided to kick her kids out!

RHOD reunion
Image: Bravo

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From what little I’ve seen of Redmond’s children, they are an absolute delight. They do not deserve to be mistreated simply because their mother behaved childishly on camera. There’s probably more to this situation than meets the eye, and for all I know, Redmond’s kids were every bit as obnoxious at school as their mom can be at charity galas. However, from the sounds of it, they are being punished merely because their mother has run into some bad press.

I’m certainly not the only person who takes issue with Redmond’s poor children being kicked out of school through no fault of their own. After hearing this little tidbit during tonight’s RHOD reunion, several annoyed viewers spoke out.

From the viewer’s perspective, RHOD and all other Real Housewives shows take place in their own bubble, which is rarely touched by the outside world. The housewives’ experiences just seem so foreign to the average viewer. But tonight’s confession from Redmond is evidence that, as much as we like to think of reality TV as scripted, there is some element of reality. I hope that following this rough spot, Redmond’s adorable children are able to get the education they deserve.

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What did you think of Brandi Redmond’s confession? Should she have recognized the risks and toned down her behavior on RHOD? Comment and share your opinion below.

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