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Beyoncé puts down her lemonade to cuddle at the NBA finals

Beyoncé and Jay Z were oblivious to the controversy surrounding the NBA finals last night, because they were too busy canoodling courtside.

Bey, who apparently finished that tall, cold glass of lemonade before the game started, was spotted sitting next to her hubby wearing a fabulous royal blue ensemble and a big smile on her face while Jay kept her entertained with jokes all night.

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Popular opinion is divided on whether the couple truly was experiencing album-worthy marital trouble courtesy of Becky with the good hair, or if it was all an ingenious marketing ploy to put lots of dough in their pockets. But either way, a source close to the couple says their marriage is stronger than ever.

“Beyoncé and Jay are really working on their marriage. Jay is making time for Beyoncé and his family more overall,” the insider told E! News. “Beyoncé’s tour has brought Jay and Beyoncé very close. Jay has been by Beyoncé’s side during many of her shows so far.

“They also have been making time for date nights with each other to some of their favorite restaurants around New York City,” the insider continued. “They went on a romantic boat ride and got to laugh and enjoy the day together. They are in such a happy place as a couple… Beyoncé and Jay have found love again and it’s very obvious to all the people around them.”

The Cleveland Cavaliers will now face off against the Golden State Warriors for Game 7 — and if we’re lucky, Bey and Jay will grace us with their presence again.

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Beyonce & Jay Z slideshow
Image: beyonceVEVO/YouTube

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