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It’ll be a long time before Calvin Harris is on Team Hiddleswift

The world is still adjusting to the very new romance of Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston, especially, er, so soon after the romance of Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris. Taylor Swift fans will presumably get on board eventually, especially since the name Hiddleswift is so freaking cute. Calvin Harris, on the other hand, is reportedly furious.

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Harris’ pals are not afraid to share how upset he is with the public. A source opened up about his side of the breakup to E! News. “Calvin was completely faithful to Taylor. He never looked in another direction. He was completely blindsided by this. He is hurt.”

Harris is doing what Swift (normally) does post-breakup and focusing on his career. Another source shared his plans, which seem to include a lot of quiet nights in. “He is keeping a low profile and focusing on his music and the shows he is doing. He is not seeing anyone and isn’t rebounding. He just really wants to be alone,” says the source. “He is still processing everything. He is angry. He never heard of this Tom guy, but if that’s her type then so be it.”

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Although Harris himself hasn’t confirmed any cheating rumors — besides the deleted couple photos on both his and Swifts’ Instagram accounts that scream “Bad Blood” — friends hint that the animosity between the exes is based on suspicions Harris had during their relationship. Let’s get this man a pint of ice cream and start the countdown until his next album.

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