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Kim Kardashian’s latest accessory is a cigarette — and it’s so out of character

Kim Kardashian’s latest move is surprising, to say the least.

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Kardashian covers the latest issue of GQ, and while the pictures — black and white, featuring Kardashian topless with an open leather jacket revealing her cleavage — are as hot as we’ve all come to expect from the selfie queen, there’s one accessory that doesn’t fit: the cigarette dangling from Kardashian’s mouth.

Kardashian is famously anti-smoking — her father, Robert Kardashian, died from esophageal cancer that may have been brought on by smoking. Ever since having her daughter, North, she’s also cracked down on hubby Kanye West’s cigar habit, sources say.

“Kim’s a complete nonsmoker and she’s forbidden Kanye — who puffs cigars — and her mother, who’s a closet cigarette smoker, from coming anywhere near her precious baby, North, unless they literally scrub themselves down first,” an insider told the National Enquirer soon after North was born.

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Anti-smoking campaigns have scrubbed smoking from having the cool image it once did, and the result has been a huge decline in rates of teen tobacco use. According to the Centers for Disease Control, smoking among middle and high school-age teens declined from 4.3 percent to 2.3 percent between 2011 and 2015. Could Kardashian’s promotion of a nasty, deadly habit reverse that trend?

Her followers seem to think so — one of them commented on the shot, which was posted to Instagram, “oh mannn makes quitting that much harder.”

Others used the comments section to criticize GQ’s decision to photograph Kardashian with the cigarette in her mouth.

“really? we’re still glamorizing smoking?” one asked. “Wonder if she took a check for that cig,” another wrote.

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Do you think it’s OK for Kim Kardashian to smoke in her photos? Let us know down in the comments.

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