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Get your tissues ready before you see Rory Feek’s anniversary gift to Joey

Rory Feek is experiencing a lot of firsts since Joey’s death in March, and Wednesday, June 15, marked a very special day for him: his wedding anniversary and, sadly, the first one that he has spent alone.

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Reminiscing about all the beautiful moments he spent with his wife over their 14-year marriage, Rory took to his personal blog, This Life I Live, to share how he spent the day — and the significance it still has for him.

“In the early morning, I carried a thermos and our two favorite mugs across the back field and shared a cup of coffee with my bride as the sun came up over the wooden cross with her name on it,” Rory wrote. “I talked and she listened. Or at least, I hoped that somewhere, somehow, she could hear me. And I felt her presence the way I do most days since she’s been gone… in my heart, and in my soul.”

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He continued, “And I pulled out my iPhone and pushed play… and we watched a movie trailer together as my tears fell. This was my gift to her.”

But Rory later revealed that this wasn’t just any movie trailer. It’s one especially close to his heart: a documentary about Joey’s life. With the help of his friend Ben Howard, who runs Provident Films in Nashville (and who has been following his story), they’re going to give Joey the chance “to live on, even after she’s gone.”

Rory explained that the hundreds of hours of footage that he has of Joey will be transformed into a full-length documentary film, titled, To Joey, With Love, which will begin with the day he first got his camera in February 2014.

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“A film about our lives during that two-and-a-half years. Our love. Our struggles. And even more so, about our faith in God and our hope in a plan… bigger than the one we can see with our own eyes,” Rory explains.

And he’s shared the trailer with fans, many of who will be just as moved by the footage as Rory is.

Comments on the blog post include one from Cathy, who wrote, “Purchased tickets for my daughter and I — can’t wait to see the movie. Thank you for being so brave and sharing this amazing and beautiful love story with all of us!”

Julie Lynn Heaphy was also touched by the post, writing, “Tears welling…. pouring…. again. Such a stunningly beautiful post… in sentiment, structure, and soul. Thank you for sharing. Thank you so much for this incredible blessing…”

“Thinking of you all with great love this day,” Sue Roberts shared. “Just purchased my ticket, but I hope DVDs will be available soon.”

Teresa Anderson praised Rory for keeping Joey’s memory alive. She wrote, “Thank you, Rory, for keeping Joey alive for her fans, but most of all for her girls and yourself. You are a wonderful person!”

The documentary will be in theaters on September 20 for one night only, and it’s evident that this film means a lot, to a lot of people, but are you planning on watching it? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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