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I watched all of Southern Charm Season 3 and Kathryn Dennis is not crazy

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Well, we’ve made it here together, folks, to the season finale of Southern Charm, where nothing was burned down and no one got punched, but we also didn’t get some vital questions answered, like did Landon sleep with Thomas? I vote probably, and I suppose we’ll find out at the reunion, unless Bravo is planning to cut that off at the worst possible moment also.

The season finale did culminate in a long-anticipated fight between Kathryn and Landon, during which Kathryn confronted Landon about all the crap she’s been saying about her all season, and Landon proceeded to deny it. Twitter then did what Twitter does, and what Southern Charm viewers have been doing since Kathryn became a regular on this show: call her crazy, which frankly, I’m over.

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There is, of course, all the misogyny and ableist junk associated with calling a woman (or anyone) crazy, which clearly isn’t stopping people. Kathryn does fly off the handle, but also, I would challenge anyone to not fly off the handle when dealing with someone like Thomas, who’s allergic to responsibility and reason, and Landon, who went from being an auxiliary character to getting a ton of air time by saying deplorable things about Kathryn all season. If you’ve watched past seasons of this show, you know that there’s always been someone (Whitney, Patricia, Thomas) in Landon’s stead accusing Kathryn of being a manipulator and a gold digger. Are we suggesting that Kathryn just let people say this stuff about her, instead of defending herself? Should she just shrink away? This is a reality show, where the more inflammatory and ridiculous you are, the more air time you get, so if anything, Kathryn’s been playing her cards right; she did make it into the opening credits this season.

It is really easy to call Kathryn crazy, instead of recognizing that the situation that she’s in is totally unhealthy and bananas. It has been hard for everyone, including the Southern Charm cast itself, to admit that there are two people involved in this mess. It took two people to get Kathryn pregnant, and it will take two people to coparent Kenzie and Julien (although, for all the work Thomas is doing, Kathryn might be better off just doing it with Dawn the nanny). But also? It’s not just Thomas and Kathryn who are perpetuating the mess; there’s a whole cast behind the slut-shaming, scapegoating and lying that’s been happening. It’s easy to call Kathryn crazy and then continue to do things to perpetuate what you consider to be her problematic behavior, like talking about how Julien isn’t Thomas’ baby and excluding her from events, only to invite her to another event where you ignore her.

Despite (because of?) this desperately problematic drama, I’m already, of course, ready for another season of this delightfully soapy and ridiculous show. Hurry back, Southern Charm.

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Do you think Kathryn’s entirely in the wrong? Is her behavior warranted? Tell us in the comments!

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Southern Charm Kathryn Dennis slideshow
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