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No, Dr. Drew, Kail Lowry does not have to stay with Javi because of Isaac

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On the second part of the Teen Mom 2 reunion, Kail and Chelsea took the stage to speak with Dr. Drew about their kids, their exes and what he thinks of their life choices. It should not be a shock to anyone that Dr. Drew had much to say about the fact that Kail and Javi are getting divorced or that he urged her to reconcile with Javi for Isaac’s sake, thus igniting my rage yet again.

I’ve never been a fan of Javi; he’s proven himself to be controlling and creepy, and he and Kail are terrible at communicating with one another. And then there’s that whole “Javi wants another kid and Kail doesn’t” thing, which is pretty serious, especially since he told her in a previous episode that he’d resent her if she didn’t change her mind about it. There’s always been resentment on Javi’s part toward Kail, and I’m just basing that on what we’ve seen on TV. Who knows what else has gone on between them?

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My point is, it is crappy of Dr. Drew to suggest that Isaac would be better off if Javi and Kail stayed together. I don’t buy that whole “kids need a mother and a father to turn out well” trope, and anyway, Isaac has a dad. (Remember Jo?) Javi could still be in Isaac’s life, provided that he wants to be. It’s a terrible idea to pressure a couple to stay together for the kids. It will backfire, especially if Kail agrees to have another kid when she doesn’t really want one and Javi can’t deal with his control issues.

What would be awesome for Isaac is for him to continue to have people who love him in his life, and those people don’t have to be married to each other or even be blood relatives. That’s not how family works. It would also be great for Isaac to have strong female role models, including a mom who does what’s best for herself and her kids, including finishing school and not being with someone who continually makes her feel badly about herself. It’s better for everyone if these two break up, and Dr. Drew’s puritanical idea about what makes a family is a totally antiquated bag of garbage. You’re doing great, Kail, and I think you know it.

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Do you think Kail and Javi should stay together for Isaac? Tell us in the comments!

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