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Forget the cheating — Michelle Money’s Marriage Boot Camp attitude is even worse

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OK, can someone explain to me what just happened between Michelle Money and Cody Sattler on Marriage Boot Camp? A big secret has been revealed — namely, that Michelle apparently cheated in her previous relationship, which is why Cody can’t trust her. But the question of who opened this delightful can of worms seems destined to become a mystery for the ages: Michelle, who brought up the subject of cheating, is super mad (like, throwing things and kicking mad) at Cody for discussing it.

Even in the short time this season of MBC has been airing, the major issue on the show has been the refusal of certain halves of certain couples to be vulnerable and real with what’s going on in their relationships and with them as individuals (hi, Tara). In other words, the fact that this cheating thing came up is what’s supposed to happen in order for Jim and Elizabeth to do their job, which just makes me think that Michelle has zero interest in actually fixing anything between her and Cody. (You might argue that no one on this show is really interested in that, though, since they’re reticent to expose their relationship issues on television — and yet apparently not that reticent, because that’s what this show is for. Also, I hear healing your relationship is something you can work on in non-televised therapy.) 

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Michelle’s been complaining and saying she’s checked out since she and Cody arrived in the house. In the latest episode, she kept up the negativity, giving Cody the cold shoulder — not to mention the whole kicking and screaming part. Fans of MBC have just about had it with Michelle’s behavior toward Cody and the whole Boot Camp thing, and Friday’s episode was only the third of the season.

Last week, Tara stage-whispered to Dean that Michelle and Cody weren’t going to make it, which… let’s just say I think she’s right. Even if they pull a magical turnaround à la Mama June and Sugar Bear and decide to stay together, I still think it’s unlikely that they’ll be together in any long-term capacity. And that’s OK! They don’t have to be together! There are other people out there who won’t make you miserable, Cody, and who will understand your selfie-taking and your need to take your shirt off all the time. That person doesn’t have to be Michelle. I think I can speak for Marriage Boot Camp viewers when I say that if you wanted to flee before the end of the season, we would support you.

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Do you want Michelle to leave Marriage Boot Camp? Are you totally over her behavior? Tell us in the comments!

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