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Morgan Stewart says she’s having a wedding meltdown in #RichKids sneak peek

Morgan Stewart’s wedding to Brendan Fitzpatrick is about to air on #RichKids of Beverly Hills, and in the latest sneak peek, Stewart actually seems pretty nervous to walk down the aisle.

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One week before the big ceremony, Stewart went shopping for lingerie with pal EJ Johnson.

“I feel like EJ wears lingerie during the day anyway. I feel like he’s constantly in lingerie, so who better to be shopping with than EJ?” Stewart said in the clip.

Stewart also revealed in the clip that she’s basically having a breakdown over her upcoming wedding.

“I’m having a full meltdown about my wedding,” Stewart told Johnson.

“I think, like, the week before somebody’s wedding is supposed to be like that,” Johnson said. “It’s hard.”

“It’s been hard for me,” Stewart said.

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Since the pair were out lingerie shopping, they also did a lot of talking about, well, lingerie.

“That’s a moment. That’s stunning,” Stewart said, describing a piece of lingerie.

Stewart even tried on some cute cat ears for fun. While she does still have them on at the end of the clip, it’s unclear whether or not she decided to purchase the sassy accessory.

“What is the point of having cat ears on your head?” Stewart asked.

“It’s kinky,” Johnson responded.

“It’s playful,” the salesperson replied.

“Is it? Have you had cat ears on your head?” Stewart asked Johnson.

“Maybe, among other things, anyway,” Johnson responded, making Stewart crack up.

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Want to create a sexy “moment” of your own? Luckily, Stewart and Johnson revealed their rules for lingerie.

“The rules about lingerie is that the lingerie shouldn’t stay on for too long after you’ve taken your clothes off and revealed yourself in lingerie,” Stewart said. “And they should always match and it should definitely be black.”

The number one lingerie “don’t” according to the #RichKids? Never do red lingerie.

“It gets a little 1985,” Johnson said. “It’s never like a bordeaux.”

“Ever!” Stewart agreed.

“It’s always like a…” Johnson continued.

“Bright red,” Stewart said, finishing Johnson’s sentence and proving that BFFs are always on the same page.

“Like a stop sign red,” Johnson echoed.

Take note, ladies. And watch all the wedding drama go down on the next #RichKids on Sunday E!.

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