Sanchez's Major Crimes quest for love will tangle him up in porn crime

Jun 17, 2016 at 4:52 p.m. ET
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I mean, who doesn't love Major Crimes' Detective Julio Sanchez? Sure, he can be a little rough around the edges, but he's definitely someone you want on your team, and he's even been known to bring on the laughs every now and again.


Fans were delighted to follow Sanchez on his quest for true love in Season 4 — and it turns out his search might actually lead him into bizarre crime territory in Season 5, according to Major Crimes executive producer James Duff.

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"Episode 2 starts with Sanchez being stood up on a date," Duff said in a recent interview with Parade. "He’s trying to use the internet to do it, which is the common way of going about it nowadays."

Aw, poor Sanchez! But the drama doesn't stop with him being ghosted by his date.

"When he gets stood up, he sees an undercover police officer also at the bar who gestures, 'Don’t blow my cover,'" Duff revealed. "Back at work the next day, he learns that the undercover police officer is dead and was apparently off duty. So, it’s a strange crime that has to do with the porn industry and is a little racier maybe than our usual episodes."

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In addition to the racy storyline in Episode 2, we'll also bear witness to a special change in Sanchez this season.

"Sanchez’s dating life is not going very well, and he’s applied to be a foster parent, so one entire case is done while the Department of Children and Family Services interviews all of his co-workers about his suitability to be a parent," said Duff. "Having a child is a transformational experience, and I think people want to have transformational experiences in their life... We cannot be the same person after having children that we were before... So, he is seeking transformation."

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Duff added that Major Crimes will be reverting back to its one case per episode format for the summer, so there will be plenty of other juicy action to jump into, including a horrific terrorist beheading on American soil and Provenza sneakily using the media to help Flynn and Sharon buy the home of their dreams at a discounted price.

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