Scary new details reveal Christina Grimmie's killer's motivation

Jun 16, 2016 at 12:47 p.m. ET
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As more details are being released about The Voice star Christina Grimmie's tragic murder, a scary picture is being painted of the man who killed her.

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Former co-workers at the Best Buy where Kevin James Loibl worked say he was obsessed with Grimmie and that he played her music and talked about her at work constantly. They also claim that he took some drastic steps to make himself more desirable to Grimmie. Convinced that he was going to marry her one day, he went vegan to lose weight, had Lasik eye surgery and even got hair transplants so he would be more attractive to Grimmie.

Hollywood Life reports that Loibl even claimed that he had already met Grimmie at a concert meet and greet, and that they played games together online. Grimmie's reps, however, say that the two had never met before Loibl shot Grimmie in the head at a meet and greet in Orlando, Florida, on June 10.

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According to Loibl's co-workers, he also had a history of violence. They suspect that what set him off was Grimmie's private relationship with her producer boyfriend — although she kept her relationship out of the public eye, photos of the two on social media made it pretty obvious that they were together.

Loibl's co-workers also admitted that they teased him, saying he had no chance with Grimmie and that the teasing made him extremely angry.

Loibl shot himself after killing Grimmie. Her private funeral for family and close friends is set to take place this week.

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Are you surprised to hear about Christina Grimmie's killer's obsession?

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