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If Miley Cyrus gets her way, we may be seeing a lot more PDA from her & Liam

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus are back together, but they haven’t been very obvious about it. This is something we understand, as living their lives in the public eye means that they want/need to keep at least some part of their life private. However, if this new report is to be believed, we may be seeing a lot more PDA from the couple in the near future.

Why? Because Cyrus wants to share her love with the world.

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Miley & Liam are going strong, and as much as he would like it to stay the way it has been in their relationship the last few months — very low-key — he also sees how it is important for her to be public about everything. She is wearing him down to loosen up his guard,” a source told Hollywood Life.

Cyrus reportedly wants everyone to know that she and Hemsworth are in a great place again, and it’s important for her to share this with fans. Over the years, we’ve all witnessed how candid and honest Cyrus is with her followers.

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“She is in love with him and wants to share that,” the source told the publication, adding, “He has started peeling back from hiding their relationship, especially now that he knows it will probably help his upcoming movie release. He is really trying to see things from her perspective. He knows it will only help in the relationship; if she is happy he is happy!”

There has been speculation about what exactly is happening between Cyrus and Hemsworth: Are they engaged again? Are they planning a wedding? How long have they been dating for? These are all questions that have been on fans’ minds, and both Cyrus and Hemsworth have been reluctant to share too much information — Hemsworth has been giving particularly cryptic statements during his interviews, and when asked by GQ Australia what was happening with him and Cyrus, he responded with, “People will figure it out; they already have…They’re not dumb…”

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But, if this source is right, fans could soon be getting the answers they crave.

Do you think it would be a good move for Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus to share more of their relationship with the world? Or is it working better now because they are keeping a low profile? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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