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Bella Hadid stands strong in support of her mom’s new book on Lyme disease

Fans of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have witnessed Yolanda Hadid’s (previously Yolanda Foster) struggles with Lyme disease, and she’s now opening up about her illness in her new book, Believe Me: My Battle with the Invisible Disability of Lyme Disease.

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And there’s one person who couldn’t be more proud of Hadid: her daughter Bella Hadid. Taking to Instagram on Wednesday to share an image of Yolanda’s book cover, Bella paid tribute to her mom in the most beautiful way in the caption of the post.

“I am also SO proud of my mom @yolanda.hadid today and everyday,” Bella wrote. “This book marks such an incredible day for you. I have seen you in bed, struggling for the past 5 years of our lives, thinking to myself ‘why would this happen to such an angel?’ I would cry to myself knowing that there was nothing I could do to help and that there were people going against you and what you are/were going through.”

Bella went on to detail just how ill her mother has been and how she’s been in-and-out of doctors’ labs and testing rooms every day in the hopes of finding a cure for the illness.

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Yolanda previously revealed that two of her children, Bella and Anwar, have also been diagnosed with Lyme disease, something which Bella also briefly touched on during her post.

“I have been struggling with Lyme and other co-infections for the past two years, which has debilitated me from riding my horses, going to school and struggling with work, which are all the things I am so passionate about,” Bella wrote, adding, “You are the only person that would believe me and understand what I was going through.”

And that’s why this book is not only important for Yolanda but also her daughter, as she reveals that it will give both children and adults who are struggling with Lyme disease a chance to know that “you are not alone and we believe you!”

Fans have been moved by the emotional tribute and have reacted to it with messages of support and encouragement. Comments on the post include one from jenniferann819, who wrote, “So much Love to the both of you! Thank you for all you do for those of us suffering from Lyme disease.”

“Your such a brave and amazing young lady, you all inspire me so much, being helpless is agony, wanting to take it all away n heal ur mum as you watch her fight for something t have already been,” lunaxsonny wrote.

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“Lovely words, congrats to you and your mom, beauty inside out!!” marinaeugeniafernandez commented. And dadickson11 shared similar sentiments, writing, “Such a very beautiful young lady and so very strong and talented to! Have a great week and please stay safe!!”

Yolanda also responded to her daughter’s post with a loving comment. She wrote, “I love you my sweetheart, I am so proud of all that you do and all that you are… We are in it to win it and a cure will be found.”

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