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Who else fully related to Dr. Zia’s struggle with his mom on The Night Shift?

If you’re above the age of 22, you know how difficult it can be to navigate the new dynamic in your relationship with your parents. You are getting the first taste of freedom and making adult decisions, and they are still parenting you, because they always will. It’s something we all go through but don’t always talk about. That’s why it was such a shock to me when The Night Shift not only tackled this dynamic but also did a great job showing how hard it can be.

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Specifically, the relationship that Dr. Zia has with his mother was super relatable. Despite being an accomplished doctor who runs an emergency room full of doctors and a successful personal life, he still doesn’t feel like he can make his mother proud of him. When he’s had enough of her constant criticisms, he confronts her about their relationship.

But nothing about the confrontation was angry. It was vulnerable and desperate. It was a son begging his mom to tell him that she is proud of him. It was an honest portrayal of the growing pains most parents and children go through, and it definitely hit home for me.

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Sure, not everyone goes through such a dramatic transition with their parents, but we’ve all had the moment where we need our parents to respect us as an adult. The Night Shift did a wonderful job of showing that moment without making it corny or unrelatable — something that dramas can tend to do.

In the end, the bonding moment backfired for Dr. Zia because it led to his mother moving in with him, but that’s also a true to life predicament. We’re all going to be taking care of our parents at some point!

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It’s nice to watch a show that focuses on family relationships as much as romantic relationships or friendships. I hope this trend continues.

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