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Carole Radziwill’s confession about love really hit home for me

If Bethenny Frankel brings the catfights to The Real Housewives of New York, Carole Radziwill is the one who brings the heart. On tonight’s episode, she revealed that she can only allow herself to fall in love when she knows that the situation is temporary. No matter if it’s her temporary foster cat or her 29-year-old boyfriend, she only lets herself love when there’s a way out.

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It was sorta funny that it took Radziwill saying goodbye to her foster cat to make a revelation about her entire love life, but sometimes the thing we least expect to change our lives is just the thing that will.

Radziwill admitted that when she started her relationship with her boyfriend, she always considered him temporary. Because of their age gap, she never let herself think that it would be a serious relationship. And that’s exactly why it did become serious.

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In a series full of very superficial arguments, hearing Radziwill open up about this topic was as surprising as it was refreshing. It also definitely hit home for me and a lot of people. It’s a pretty common trait for people who have lost people suddenly, whether it’s husbands or friends or family members, because it’s almost impossible to let yourself trust that anything or anyone will stick around for the long run. Many people who have been hurt the way that Radziwill has find comfort in temporary lives and relationships.

When you expect things to end, it’s always an easier blow when they do.

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But that’s not the point of Radziwill’s revelation. Whether she wanted it or not, what she got was a healthy, loving, serious relationship that makes her happy. She and her boyfriend push each other to work harder and have more fun. And he’s teaching her to trust and be open to having things in her life that are more permanent, which is all any of us can hope for in a relationship — growth, communication, love and fun.

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