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A story about Selena Gomez sent Justin Bieber over the freaking edge

It is now every Belieber’s time to shine. Justin Bieber is clearly sick of all the rumors that are still floating around about he and ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez. So sick that he’s asking all of his followers and fans to spam the the internet with the message that Hollywood Life is “untruthful and hurtful.”

In several posts to Instagram, Bieber has asked anyone who will to spam the website and “petition for them to be taken down.” And whatever Bieber says, his fans are more than willing to do. On each post, fans have flooded him with support and concern, making sure the singer was OK.

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The story in question was one that suggested that the church Bieber and Gomez attend is hoping that the young couple will get back together. Something neither one is interested in any more, apparently.

While some may call this an over-reaction by Bieber or another one of his “antics,” I think it’s admirable of the young star to stand up for himself. Certainly, every website has a responsibility to report stories with as many facts as they can, but that doesn’t mean that when they get it wrong that celebrities can’t react. It is their life websites are talking about, after all.

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Bieber’s on a roll for setting boundaries for himself and making sure that if he has to live this life, that he gives himself the best shot possible. It’s why he’s started refusing to take pictures with people who he meets and why he’s said publicly that he feels uneasy at award shows. He’s not interested in all the attention, he just wants to create music for his fans.

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He probably could go about it in a more mature way, rather than sending a bunch of young girls after a website that can easily block them, but he is only 22 years old.

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