Does Chelsea Houska care that Adam Lind quit Teen Mom 2? Absolutely not

Jun 16, 2016 at 9:33 a.m. ET
Image: WENN

Adam Lind has had enough and is quitting Teen Mom 2. In the preview for the upcoming reunion special of this season, Lind is shown going off on host Dr. Drew and telling MTV and everyone that he’s no longer going to be part of the show. In light of this news, I would officially like to say, finally!

Lind, who is Chelsea Houska’s ex and father to their daughter, Aubree, said that the only reason he even showed up to the special was because MTV had him under contract. During his rant, he said, “I don’t have to explain myself to you guys anymore. I’m not going to participate in this anymore. I’m fucking over it.”

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His anger continued when he told Dr. Drew, “I’m not going to give you guys what you want anymore. I’m done with the show. I don’t want to participate in the show anymore. I am obligated to be here; I am not obligated to answer any of your questions so I don’t have to. I’m not going to give you guys anymore fuel to the fire.”

The fire he’s referring to, in case you’re not caught up, is fans of the show asking why he wouldn’t show up to his daughter’s father-daughter dance, or why he pays Houska only $150 a month in child support. Apparently, asking someone to be accountable is starting an unfair fire. Learn something new every day!

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When Dr. Drew challenged him, asking why he wouldn’t hire a lawyer and get out of the contract so he wouldn’t have to show up and throw a fit, err, answer questions, Lind said, “I want out of this life; I’m fucking sick of it. The money is not even worth it anymore. I’m not going to sign a new contract to continue.”

Houska’s reaction to all of this? “I don’t care. Whatever,” she said with a shrug.

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It’s really her best reaction to Lind in the couple’s history. Although Houska has always had a soft spot for Lind because she’s always wanted Aubree to have a good relationship with her dad, he’s just a toxic person to have around. He has a history of not showing up when Aubree is counting on him, the friends he features on the show are a little on the sketchy side, and you can barely understand him during his scenes anyway. Teen Mom 2 and Houska are better off without the drama he brings.

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