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How I knew RHONY‘s Jules Wainstein was headed for divorce

Well, the only actual wife on The Real Housewives of New York City is officially no more. Julianne “Jules” Wainstein and her husband, Michael, are going through with a divorce after Michael filed in May. Rumors abounded that Michael was unfaithful during their eight-year marriage, and unfortunately, Jules’ rep confirmed to Bravo that those rumors are true.

Fans of the series are pretty shocked that this brand-new housewife has already succumbed to the curse that seems to fall upon married ladies who join the New York franchise. We haven’t been given too much footage of Jules’ life during her debut season, but from what viewers were shown, Jules and Michael appeared fairly happy. There were a few things that I can point to that seem to spell trouble for these two, though. I don’t think anyone should be completely shocked by this news.

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Lack of chemistry

Image: Bravo

For one, the couple never seemed particularly connected. I initially chalked this up to being nervous or inexperienced in front of the cameras, since they were the new kids on the Housewives block. Now, it seems to indicate the future dissolution of their marriage.

Jules’ demeanor

Image: Bravo

Jules has a very likable way about her. She’s goofy, sweet and seemingly not the sharpest tool in the shed. There is a lot to love about her, but there was also always a sadness/stressful way about her as well. It’s obvious now that she clearly had a lot more going on than we were seeing while filming.

The Berkshires trip

Image: Bravo

While the ladies spent some time at Dorinda’s gorgeous Berkshires mansion, Jules made an off-the-cuff remark about forgetting to call her husband and kids the day before and not calling them that morning either. She then joked about how great it was to be away from them all. I know it could be a joke, but now her relief at being away from her family is given a little more weight.

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The Nanny

Image: Bravo

This was off from the get-go. The nanny that they have had for years just up and quit. I’m thinking now that it may have been a tough environment to work in if Jules and Michael were having such issues. The other side of this coin is the completely gross jokes Michael constantly made about getting a new sexy nanny who could give him massages. I mean, slow your roll, skeezeball.

Lack of intimacy

Image: Bravo

Finally, Jules mentioned that there was not a lot of sexy-time happening in the Wainstein household. Now, I am a mom, so I know it can be tough to keep things romantic while trying to keep tiny humans alive, but it’s important to still try and keep the fire alive.

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Unfortunately, it looks like Jules has taken to the New York Housewife curse, but hopefully she can say her piece during the reunion. You know Andy won’t let this story slide under the radar.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Julianne Wainstein slideshow
Image: Jeff Grossman/WENN

Did you see Jules’ divorce coming? Let us know in the comments below!

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