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12 things I learned on Growing Up McGhee this week

Growing Up McGhee is all about family and those important life lessons that we should all take the time to appreciate a little more. Here’s what the show’s Valentine’s Day episode tonight taught me.

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1. Ro and Mia are great parents

These two have the patience of saints. They also take the time to really teach their kids values. Seriously, it’s time for a slow clap of respect.

“We are a team. We are a family,” Mia rallies the kids after their behavioral disagreements at the beginning of the episode. “That’s right, McGhees.”

2. I can’t tell the kids apart… yet

But I’m learning. Elijah is the tallest of the boys… I think. And I noticed Olivia is missing almost all of her front teeth whereas Madison still has one or two. Still, I hope the show takes more time to individualize the children over the course of Season 1.

3. The poof ball system has problems

“At this rate it seems like we won’t go on vacation until the kids are 10 years old or off in college,” Ro tells the camera. He adds, “I’m just wondering if this poof ball jar will ever get filled.”

4. Ro can smell broken glass

With sextuplets, you aren’t even stopping to smell the roses on Valentine’s Day. Rather, you’re whiffing some broken glass.

“I can smell the broken glass,” Ro says about taking four 5-year-old boys to the flower shop. And broken glass there is.

5. The kids aren’t bad

“You know what, you’re not bad. You’re just 5,” Ro says in my favorite quote of the night after one of the boys asks if they are “bad.” Now that’s a spot-on response.

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6. Mia’s the fashionista

She admitted tonight that she calls her children her “doll babies, because that’s exactly how I see them!” She loves dressing up her children and she does it well.

7. 5-year-olds can be mean…

“You don’t love us!” Isaac and Josiah accused Mia when she kicked them out of the kitchen. And boy did that not go over well.

8. … but they also give the cutest compliments

Luckily, Ro swooped in and taught the boys a valuable lesson following their mean accusation and then the anti-love turned into some sweet family time as the kids swapped compliments.

“You’re beautiful!” all the boys told Olivia and Madison as they entered in their Valentine’s Day outfits.

“You got cute eyeballs,” Olivia told Isaac.

Josiah then told Madison, “You’ve got beautiful hair.”

9. Ro is a ham

Ro is hilarious with his dad jokes! And then the cherry on top of the sundae tonight was when he tried to give Mia the chocolates as a gift when she’s the one who bought them for him!

10. Faith is important to the family

“I am a blessed man,” Ro said when talking about his wife. Aw!

11. The show is a solid alternative to birth control

See my article from last week if you need some anxiety about parenting in your life.

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12. The more I watch, the more I like

After three episodes, the McGhee family — despite all the chaos and stress of their life — is really starting to grow on me.

And though I’m nowhere near ready to have a clan like the McGhee’s, I hope that one day when I do have kids, I can be as nurturing and as patient as Mia and Ro.

What do you think of Growing Up McGhee so far?

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