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On dry land, one ‘married’ Bachelor couple doesn’t talk to each other

The honeymoon is apparently way, way over for Bachelor in Paradise‘s Lacy Faddoul and Marcus Grodd. They were married on the show, but according to Grodd, he’s barely heard from Faddoul since the cameras went away.

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In a new interview with Life & Style, Grodd shares that it’s been two months since he’s heard from his supposed wife, calling her a “runaway bride.” He continues, “We had this fantastic relationship, and then it totally vanished. It was like she ran away.”

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The couple’s wedding was for the cameras in one important way — it wasn’t legal. But to listen to Grodd’s story, he was ready to walk down the aisle for real the second they reunited at home. “When we came back, we were supposed to start the paperwork [to make everything legal.] But she stalled,” he says. “I feel duped.” By a reality TV star marrying him on a reality TV show.

He explains that Faddoul advised him to get his own place instead of moving in together. He went through her phone and found “flirtatious” text messages. The last he heard from her was two months ago, when they went to dinner. “She just cut off all communication,” he says.

She’s certainly been around, live-tweeting the most recent season of The Bachelor and, perhaps, responding to Grodd’s interview.

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