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Paris Jackson’s 18 years old and can do whatever she wants with her body

Paris Jackson has been proudly sharing her new tattoos on social media, some of which have been a tribute to her late father, Michael Jackson. However, she appears to have noticed that not everyone is a fan of her ink.

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So on Tuesday, Jackson addressed the controversy surrounding her tattoos by taking to Instagram to share a photo of herself (with the tattoos on her arms clearly visible) accompanied by a lengthy and thought-provoking message.

“The craftsmanship of tattoos will always be a controversy,” Jackson began. “Some people like them, some people absolutely hate them. I appreciate art, i always have especially when that art means something to me.”

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Jackson then went on to reveal what her tattoos meant to her and how they have helped her to erase her dark past.

She wrote, “My scars and past of self-hatred have been covered by loving marks, creativity, ingenuity… and depth. Sure i will always carry my past with me, but i see ink as a way of changing for the better, always improving. They represent strength for me. I look back at my old self and then i look in the mirror, and i see a fighter looking back at me.”

Jackson went through a very difficult time following the death of her father, but she’s determined to stay strong, a message that she wants others to hear, as she concluded her message by addressing those who are struggling.

“So to anyone struggling, it gets better. You’re not alone,” she wrote.

Jackson’s message is beautiful, and has clearly served as an inspiration to many fans, some of whom voiced their thoughts in the comment section of the post.

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“Please don’t delete this post, for it gives me courage,” charlie_iris_ wrote. “Thanks again, Paris. I’m so very proud of you. You make me strong. Also, you’re so bloody beautiful.”

“Beautiful words Paris, you are a wonderful human being just like your beloved father Michael!!” alemarelaram shared.

Shauniceshell also gushed about the post, explaining that Jackson is an important role model, writing, “She is so beautiful I love her so so much that it brings me to tears, one of my role models for real.” And jordain_addis shared similar sentiments, writing, “Your such an inspirational person Paris, never forget that you mean a lot to people. Not only as a role model but as a friend.”

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Paris Jackson slideshow
Image: Paris Jackson/Instagram

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