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I’m no therapist, but I know why the cast of Famously Single can’t find love

Tonight was the premiere of E!’s new reality series, Famously Single, where celebrities are trying to figure out why they can’t find love that lasts. They’ll spend time talking to a therapist, dating coaches and living social experiments with the hopes of understanding what is keeping them from falling in love so they can change that. But after about 10 minutes of watching the show, I was able to pinpoint exactly why these stars were unsuccessful: They all have gigantic egos.

The celebrity cast includes many former reality show stars like Brandi Glanville and Pauly D, as well as Aubrey O’Day, Calum Best, Somaya Reece, Willis McGahee, Jessica White and Josh Murray. So, none of them are megastars, but you couldn’t tell by the way they speak and treat people.

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The first complaint that the celebs mentioned when they talked about finding love was they never trust people are approaching them for the right reasons. In fact, Reece made it clear that when she goes out, she has bodyguards who prevent anyone from approaching her table at the bar because she doesn’t want to deal with the kind of people looking to get famous.

The irony of her saying she doesn’t like those kinds of people while on a reality TV show was completely lost on her.

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All of these people are loved by their fans, so it’s confusing that they are so unlikable on the show. Maybe they’re trying to play up how famous they are for the sake of the show. Maybe if they convince themselves they’re uber famous, they won’t have to do some hard work in the therapy sessions. Maybe they have grossly inflated egos and no sane person wants to deal with that kind of energy.

In fact, Glanville was the only one who showed that she could be grounded while she was talking to one of the men who approached her in the club. And when Glanville is the most level-headed person on the show, you know things are going to get crazy.

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I still have hope for this cast. In the previews for the season, many seem to drop their guard and open up about what’s really going on, which is definitely encouraging, because if these egos last the whole season, I’m going to need the number of the therapist on this show.

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