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Note to Bobby Giancola: Being nice and flirting aren’t the same

A yacht is no place for romance (or, at least, not when you’re a crew member), but the cast of Below Deck Med is intent on learning this the hard way. Romantic tension has been simmering for some time, but tonight, we finally got the dramatic payoff we’ve been waiting for all season.
Hannah Ferrier and Ben Robinson have suffered a bit of romantic drama and so have Tiffany Copeland and Bryan Kattenburg, but tonight, the problematic couple was Julia d’Albert Pusey and Bobby Giancola. Their relationship has been escalating all season long, and while Giancola has long entertained thoughts of getting with d’Albert Pusey (who has made it abundantly clear that she is already in a very happy relationship), he didn’t actually make a move until tonight.
Julia d'Albert Pusey
Image: Bravo

Suffice to say, Giancola was immediately shot down. The second he began to actively hit on her, d’Albert Pusey backed away — and called her boyfriend. If that didn’t make her intentions abundantly clear, I don’t know what else could.

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Things can get heated pretty quickly when Giancola is around, so I was glad that, for the most part, he took the rejection in stride. He certainly handled it a lot better than the obnoxiously drunk Kattenburg did last week! Instead of hurling insults, Giancola acknowledged that he’d probably gone too far. Unfortunately, he also placed a lot of the blame on d’Albert Pusey.
I think it’s unfair to blame d’Albert Pusey for the newfound awkwardness between her and Giancola. Yes, there were one or two occasions in which she acted just a bit too flirtatious, but never to the point that Giancola should have thought that romantic pursuit would be a possibility.
Bobby Giancola
Image: Bravo

I, and a lot of other people, think that Giancola misinterpreted kindness for flirtation. This is, unfortunately, a very common phenomenon. Often when women demonstrate a modicum of kindness, guys automatically assume that they are flirting — even after they’ve made it abundantly clear that they have no interest in dating. There’s just no winning; either you’re accused of having resting bitch face (like Kate Chastain) or you attract unwanted romantic interest from the likes of Bobby Giancola.

Several viewers sided with d’Albert Pusey on Twitter. Here are just a few of the sympathetic tweets:

Now that d’Albert Pusey has made her feelings clear, I’m hoping Giancola will finally back off. I also hope he won’t act bitter about her alleged flirtation. She’s the kindest person on the yacht and she doesn’t deserve to be badmouthed.

Do you think Julia d’Albert Pusey flirted too much with Bobby Giancola? Comment and share your opinion below.

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