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Bachelorette fans, it’s time to get to know Canada’s Jasmine Lorimer

There’s a first for everything, but this is one first that we’re particularly excited about: The Bachelorette is coming to Canada.

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The hit reality TV franchise has expanded its search for love and will now give one lucky Canadian lady the opportunity to find romance when it airs on W Network this September, and we already know who that lady will be: Jasmine Lorimer.

Lorimer, who’s a Kenora, Ontario native, has been named as the show’s leading lady, and she seems to be in the series for the right reasons.

The 27-year-old beauty has been described as “refreshingly open, honest and not afraid to laugh at herself,” all of which are incredibly important qualities when looking for “the one,” and it’s this sort of honesty that viewers crave.

I’ve been feeling a bit restless,” Lorimer said during an interview with Entertainment Tonight Canada. “I’ve dated here and there and I haven’t found anything that works. I hadn’t really been too good at dating.”

Working as a hairstylist in British Columbia, Lorimer has been described by the show as a “small-town girl at heart” with an “artistic nature and adventurous spirit” — a statement that’s confirmed by a glance at her Instagram account, which shows that Lorimer is a lover of the outdoors and various activities including skiing, paddle boarding and camping.

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Apart from what has been revealed about Lorimer in the press release, according to HELLO! magazine, you may also have spotted her in the music video for Canadian country duo King and Cash.

But being The Bachelorette is a role that Lorimer doesn’t take lightly. While we’ve seen some contestants on the hit franchise who we didn’t think were really in it for the right reasons (let’s not name names), we hope that Lorimer is looking for love — and according to her statement, she certainly appears to be.

“It is such an honour to be Canada’s first bachelorette,” she said in a press release for W Network. “This opportunity came at the perfect time for me and I couldn’t be more prepared to embark upon this lifelong adventure.”

As for the men competing for Lorimer’s love? So far, we do know of one: according to Global News, Eddie, an oilfield logistics coordinator was chosen as Canada’s crush, and he, along with 19 other men will be in the running.

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TV host Noah Cappe (who you may remember from Food Network Canada’s Carnival Eats and Great Canadian Cookbook) will take on hosting duties for The Bachelorette Canada when it premieres on W Network this fall, and he shared his thoughts on whether the Canadian version of The Bachelorette will differ from the American version.

“The Canadian version, the only thing I think will kind of be different are the people,” Cappe told Entertainment Tonight Canada. “I’m a little bit biased being a good Canadian boy, but we’ve got an amazing group of Bachelors and our Bachelorette is the best, and I feel like they represent Canada.”

While we’re sure Lorimer will make a great Bachelorette, there is hope that the network will diversify if the show makes it to a second season. Barb Williams, executive vice-president and chief operating officer of Corus, said that next season The Bachelor or The Bachelorette could be a person of colour.

“It’s entirely a possibility. We are watching the diversity issue just about explode. We should have been much more conscious and purposeful about this years ago,” Williams told The Star. “But we are finally coming to our senses about this and who our viewing population really is. We should make sure they are reflected in every way, so certainly none of that stuff is off the table.”

Are you excited to learn that The Bachelorette is coming to Canada, and do you think they made a good choice with Jasmine Lorimer? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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