Bringing Up Bates officially has our interest again with its new romance

Jun 14, 2016 at 3:35 p.m. ET
Image: UPtv

SheKnows has your exclusive first look at the upcoming episode of Bringing Up Bates, and love is absolutely in the air.

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In the episode, Tori Bates will introduce fans to her boyfriend, Bobby Smith, and we have a sneak peek at the introductions below.

Bobby definitely starts off his arrival at the Bates family home right. He brings Tori a bundle of gorgeous red roses and the two embrace affectionately. No kisses yet, as is the Bates' tradition. The family believes in saving first kisses for marriage. For these two, I Love You Day — which the family will be celebrating in the episode — won't be expressed by anything but kind words, hand-holding and hugs.

Nathan Bates' girlfriend, Ashley Sayler, will also be back on the show. Nathan introduced his girlfriend when he made their relationship official during the end of Season 3.

Of course, just because Tori is dating doesn't mean that she and Bobby will tie the knot. The two aren't yet in an official courtship yet. At least in this episode of the show.

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Tori even admits that she's a little nervous about introducing her beau to the family. Bobby has two sisters, whereas the Bates family is a "mafia," as Kelly Jo Bates jokes in the clip.

Still, Bobby is all smiles as he meets the family. And our first impression of the guy earns him a stamp of approval. He seems adorable! And he and Tori clearly have affection for each other. I mean, all you have to do is watch them in the clip to know they're into each other. They both can't stop smiling and giving each other casual (and Bates-appropriate) touches.

Though we don't get to see her in the clip, UPtv has also teased that Michaela Keilen will be returning for a special appearance this episode. Apparently, someone in the family has a "very special announcement." Could Michaela and Brandon be expecting their first child?

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Check out the clip below.

Bringing Up Bates Season 4 Episode 3 titled "A LOVEly Day," will air on Thursday at 9 p.m. on UPtv.

What do you think of Tori's new boyfriend Bobby?

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