We’d love to get in the ring with Sarah Robinson’s romantic lead Kieran

In the new release Saving a Legend, author Sarah Robinson’s lead male has been praised as “the epitome of what every woman looks for in a man.” Go another round with the brooding Kavanagh brothers, MMA fighters who won’t call it quits in the ring… or in romance.

About the book

His family’s gym has produced a roster of mixed martial arts legends, but so far, Kieran Kavanagh hasn’t followed in their footsteps. After a brawl lands him in jail, Kieran is assigned to work at a center for at-risk youth. Though given a second chance, Kieran’s simply going through the motions — until he meets one very special kid, Shea Doherty, and falls hard for her very beautiful, very grown-up big sister, Fiona. The trouble is, Kieran’s best opening moves are getting him nowhere fast.

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Fiona Doherty has too many responsibilities to fool around, especially now that she has custody of Shea. Sure, she’d love to find a devoted partner. But she won’t jeopardize her sister’s happiness — or risk revealing her tortured past — on a love-’em-and-leave-’em type of guy like Kieran, so it’s up to him to prove her wrong. As Fiona spends more time with Kieran, she starts to see a softer side of the reckless warrior. Now she must admit that when it comes to the possibility of real love, well… there’s a fighting chance.

Your excerpt from Saving a Legend… full steam ahead

The sight of her lying naked, open and willing beneath him was almost enough to make him want to abandon his idea and bury himself inside her instead.

“Stay still, Fi.” He opened the box of sushi.

Opting out of the fish choices, he gently placed a small roll of rice and avocado on both sides of her clavicle, the very tips of her breasts, her stomach and her upper arms. Frozen, she watched him with interest as he covered her with food and then put the rest back on the nightstand.

He grinned as he straddled her thighs. “Tell me what to do next, Fi.”


“You’re in charge, you tell me.”

Fiona bit her lip, clearly considering if she could do this. He needed her to tell him; he needed her to feel in charge. That’s what it was all about with her. It always had been. Life just happened to Fiona, and she reacted the best she could. She’d never had the chance to grab the reins and take control, and he wanted that for her. Finally, she moved just her lower arms to gently touch her stomach. “Here.”

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Obliging her request, he leaned down and ate the small bite of the avocado roll he’d placed right above her belly button. She shivered as his lips and tongue swept over her skin, but she tapped her right breast next to tell him she wanted him there.

He bit down partially into the sushi, rubbing it against her nipple, which immediately puckered beneath him, before chewing and swallowing. After finishing that bite, he gently devoured her nipple, pulling it between his teeth and licking her clean.

Moving over to her left breast, he did the same thing, except he brought the roll to her mouth. She opened and he shared the bite with her, the sweet and savory flavors moving over his tongue as they both swallowed.

“Mmm,” she moaned against him.

Kieran repeated the process, barely touching her with anything except the sushi and his lips as they both ate the remaining pieces of the sushi positioned on her body. Her breathing ragged, she bit her lip as he stood, unbuttoned his jeans, and pushed them down. He stepped out of them then rolled on protection.

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He couldn’t wait any longer.

Climbing back onto the bed, no food between them, he gripped her hips and flipped her over onto her stomach. Finally, he pulled her back so she was on all fours in front of him. She looked back over her shoulder, and he groaned at the perfect sight.

She was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen, and she was his.

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