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Did the Duggars really just blame the victims for the Orlando shooting?

Another day, another instance of the Duggars taking their beliefs way, way too far.

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This time, like so many times before, the Duggars instigated some internet scandal with a Facebook post. Seemingly in response to the weekend’s devastating mass shooting in Orlando, Florida, the Duggar family Facebook page shared this Bible verse:

“Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. James 4:7-8,” the post read. No explanation was given; the verse was posted by itself, allowing followers to interpret the Duggars’ meaning however they would like to.
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And, unfortunately for the Duggars, some of the comments immediately started to wonder if the verse was meant to assign blame to the victims of the shooting. Many wondered if the “resist the devil” line was insinuating that the victims of the attack were to blame because they failed to “resist the devil,” as the Duggars put it.

“The Duggars clearly believe it’s the victims’ fault,” one commenter wrote soon after the verse was posted. Another commented, “I take this as a passive way of saying they got what they deserved. Knowing how anti LGBT the Duggars are they are probably not sorry. I’m not surprised, but it still makes me sad.” Still another added, “Why can’t they just post that they are praying for all the victims and their families and loved ones? Then there would be no speculation on what they actually mean by the post. And that would be the Christian thing.”

The Duggars have not made any attempt to clarify their meaning behind the post, and they have not removed the controversial post from their Facebook page.

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Do you think the Duggars are blaming the victims of the Orlando attack?

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