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Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani’s disagreement over hunting isn’t a big deal

Blake Shelton’s Southern boy ways may have charmed Gwen Stefani romantically, but he still hasn’t sold her on the recreational activities. Shelton, who was born and raised in Oklahoma, is known for being an avid hunter, while Stefani is a vegan California girl. Let’s just say that the two don’t see eye to eye on this issue.

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In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Shelton explained that hunting is how he unwinds after the long hours on The Voice. He said, “Sometimes I’ll go hunting for caribou in Canada, or elk hunting. But bowhunting white-tailed deer in Oklahoma is my favorite thing. It takes me back to my childhood. There’s just so many memories and special things that have happened to me that revolve around deer season, honestly. It’s my favorite time of year.”

Unfortunately, it’s not something that Stefani can share with him. Although she’s a longtime fisher and a new fan of horseback riding, she doesn’t see hunting in the same way that Shelton does. But Shelton says they’ve “agreed to disagree.” 

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We’ve all known from the beginning that these two don’t have much in common. From music to style and everything else, they are the definition of opposites attract. But just because they don’t have the same hobbies or the same lifestyle, doesn’t mean they won’t work out.

They seem to have very healthy, open communication about the topic and have found a way to not let it threaten the strength of their relationship. In fact, it may turn out that the two of them become closer because of it. They will open each other to new ideas, new passions and new ways of thinking. That doesn’t mean that they need to change each other, it just means that they’re growing together.

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If nothing else, it could lead to another hit duet for the two.

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