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LeeAnne Locken’s makeup on RHOD is not the problem

Reality stars constantly get trashed for wearing too much makeup or getting too much plastic surgery, but I’ve never seen anybody belittled as excessively as RHOD‘s LeeAnne Locken. Yes, she can be incredibly annoying, but some of the nasty comments about her appearance and her “social climber” status are unwarranted.

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Locken is the epitome of the reality star we all love to hate. She constantly talks about herself, and worse, she freaks out at the slightest provocation. Her explosions have made the inaugural season of RHOD very, very entertaining, but they’ve also left me yearning for a little more depth. I’m not big on the whole comic book villain thing — I think the Real Housewives franchise can deliver so much more.

LeeAnne Locken
Image: Bravo

Tonight, I got my wish, with Locken actually showing some vulnerability while chatting with her live-in boyfriend. She admitted to hating the angry, vindictive side of herself and wishing that she could bury that part of her personality. She added, “I feel alone. I feel like nobody loves me.”

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This confession made Locken a much more likable person, and while she’s still far from my favorite cast member, there’s hope for a future in which I don’t cringe at the mere sight of her.

LeeAnne Locken's boyfriend
Image: Bravo

When Real Housewives villains do come clean about their bad behavior, they tend to place at least some of the blame on others — and Locken is no exception. She attributes a lot of her current anger to her childhood. That being said, she has finally managed to take at least some responsibility for the many blowups that have occurred this season. She knows that she is out of control and she knows that she needs help.

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It really doesn’t matter how much Locken redeems herself; everybody is determined to dislike her. She’s still receiving a ton of Twitter hate and I’m starting to get annoyed. Why do people care so much about how she applies her makeup? And what’s with the social climber accusations?

I am no Locken fan, but I don’t like to see her trashed by viewers — even when her behavior is less than acceptable. I would have especially liked to see a little sympathy in the aftermath of tonight’s confession, but instead, people decided to belittle the misunderstood Bravo star even more.

Assuming RHOD is renewed, I will keep my fingers crossed for a full Locken redemption and for Twitter users to find something more interesting to tweet than makeup critiques.

Have you changed your mind about LeeAnne Locken? What do you think of her evolution on RHOD? Comment and share your opinion below.

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