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Kacey Musgraves writes and deletes pro-gun tweet in response to Orlando

As we all try to deal with the tragedy in Orlando, social media feels like a natural place to turn. It’s become the place where we learn news, express opinions and, increasingly, share sorrow. Country singer Kacey Musgraves feels the same way, but she learned today that not all of her fans agree with her opinions. She took to Twitter to share a message of love, couched in with what reads like a pro-gun message encouraging even more violence. Once she realized just how strongly people were reacting to her statements, she deleted the tweet.

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Kacey Musgraves
Image: Kacey Musgraves / Twitter

She replaced it with a non-apology tweet that explained away her actions with the flippant words, “Hard subject tho.” She wrote, “Look. Emotions are high today. Mine included. Just hating hate. Lots of opinions in the mix. LOVE is the only true answer. Hard subject tho.” Hard subject, indeed.

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For those looking to support Orlando victims and their families, social media responses can be followed up with tangible actions. Local LGBTQ nonprofits are accepting donations for the Pulse victims and their families, and local residents can give blood. You can also contact your elected representatives about gun control and learn how your senator voted on expanded background checks.

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