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Inspirational reality TV show dads who are fantastic fathers

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and there are some great and wonderful reality TV dads that deserve mention. They might not be in the middle of the action like a lot of reality TV moms, but that does not make them any less important to these families. These dads are in different stages of the life with young children to adult children and are really great examples of parenting to children at a variety of ages.

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1. Bill Klein of The Little Couple

Image: DLC

Bill is married to Dr. Jennifer Arnold and is father to two young adopted children, Zoey and Will. Jennifer and Bill both make my list of great reality TV parents. Bill is a fantastic dad with a supportive and kind approach. Watching Bill interact with his two little ones provides a great example of engaging in play with your young children and being able to set appropriate limits and boundaries. Bill shows how supportive he is and is a caretaker to the family.

Bill and Jen, in my opinion, do a great job of shared parenting. They are both loving and kind. I see lots of creative moments and activities together that mom and dad plan and share in. Bill Klein shows TV viewers some light-hearted and sweet moments with his children and is a fantastic example of a caring dad to young ones.

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Greg Jennings of I am Jazz

Image: TLC

I am Jazz is in its second season and features Jazz, a transgender female living as a girl since kindergarten. She is joined with her family in this show where they fight discrimination and misconceptions of what it is like to be transgender.

Jazz’s father, Greg, is supportive of his children and involved in their lives. He does a great job of connecting with his three teenage children, and they all seem to have a really great father-child relationship.

Glenn Thore of My Big Fat Fabulous Life

Image: My Big Fat Fabulous Life/Facebook
Glenn is Whitney Thore’s father on My Big Fat Fabulous Life, where he is a wonderful example of a very supportive father to an adult child. Along with his wife, Babs, Glenn whole-heartedly supports his daughter’s ambitions. Whitney’s website No Body Shame is a fantastic inspirational site to help people appreciate who they are and how they look. “Love yourself. Live fully. No excuses. No shame,” is a quote from her website and perfectly summarizes their family values.

Her dad is not always the center of the show, but we love watching him and his daughter share moments together, like in the episode where he raced with her and showed her support when she struggled.

These dads are great examples of supportive, loving dads who seem to engage in loving, kind and caring relationships with their children.

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