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Jaime King delivers some hard-hitting truths about Johnny Depp’s divorce

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s bitter divorce has everyone picking sides, but what happens when you’re close to both parties? Jaime King is, and she recently weighed in on the couple’s relationship, referring to their current situation as “deeply painful.”

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“It makes me really emotional,” King told Us Weekly. “Listen, I love Johnny Depp. One of my very first movies he played my father. I learned so much from him. I have so much respect for him. He is one of the most loving, kind, generous, attentive, brilliant men that I’ve ever met.”

King went on to speak about how Depp is such a brilliant mentor and how when she met him on the set of the 2001 movie Blow (in which she played the character Kristina Jung, the daughter of Depp’s George Jung) she learned from him. She also credits Depp for teaching her what it meant to be a true professional and a true artist.

On the other hand, King also loves Amber Heard, and she was eager to say as much, referring to her as an incredible bright light and a beautiful human being.

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But Depp and Heard’s relationship has not ended amicably, and all the details of their private lives are being drudged up (including the allegations of domestic abuse against Depp) and are making tabloid headlines. Something which King really takes issue with.

“Bottom line, what bothers me the most is that people are being hurt on both sides,” King told the publication. “It is a deeply painful situation and people are treating it as if it’s entertainment, and it’s not fucking funny. And it’s not entertaining.”

King also notes that events like these should really play out in private instead of under intense public scrutiny, which only causes people to take sides.

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“It’s all hearsay. It’s all he said, she said. Frankly, it’s not about sides because we cannot take sides in a situation that we’re not there for, bottom line,” King explained. “It’s about loving and supporting each person by saying, give them their privacy let them work it out. Also, bring awareness to any sort of domestic violence because no matter what happened or did not happen, that is really not important.”

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