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Gigi Hadid is supporting Zayn Malik during a time when he needs it most

Gigi Hadid is standing up for her on-and-off boyfriend, Zayn Malik, after the “Pillowtalk” singer canceled his performance at a radio station sponsored music festival in the U.K. due to what he called “the worst anxiety of my career.”

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Malik tweeted a message to fans on Saturday explaining why he wouldn’t be making his scheduled performance at the Capital Summertime Ball in London.

“To all those who have been waiting to see me perform at the Capital Summertime Ball today… I flew into the U.K. last night to appear in my home country in front of my family, friends and most importantly my U.K. fans,” Malik wrote on Twitter. “Unfortunately my anxiety that has haunted me throughout the last few months around live performance has gotten the better of me… with the magnitude of the event, I have suffered the worst anxiety of my career. I cannot apologize enough but I want to be honest with everyone who has patiently waited to see me. I promise I will do my best to make this up to everybody I’ve let down today. I know those who suffer from anxiety will understand and I hope those who don’t can empathize with my situation.”

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Fans took to Twitter to share their support for Zayn, saying they understood and that his health comes first.
Hadid also took to Twitter to share a personal, heartfelt message with the singer and his fans, seeming to confirm that the pair’s relationship is back on.

“Z — I’ve seen the battle you go through and the way you fight to get to a place that allows you to get up there for your fans,” Hadid wrote. “Your bravery in those times makes me proud, but your honesty last night proved what you’re all about, being real. Human recognizes human. You made the best of the situation and have given your fans an opportunity to understand you better as a performer. Those who can find compassion now are the ones that deserve to watch you continue to grow. We are all here to support you and make each experience easier. Your talent and good heart will never lead you wrong. Love you and so proud of you always.”

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Malik and Hadid are reportedly back together after breaking up for a short period of time after dating for seven months, according to US Weekly.

“They broke up and got back together almost right away,” a source told the magazine. “Right now, it’s back on, but it could be off again in an hour. They are young and keep going back and forth.”

After being spotted out together holding hands on Friday last week, E! News is also reporting that the couple is now back on.

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