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GoT‘s Battle of the Bastards isn’t shaping up to be much of a battle

There are only two episodes left in Game of Thrones Season 6, and the odds aren’t looking good for the Starks as they gear up to try to take back Winterfell.

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Just this week it was announced that next week’s episode would be called “The Battle of the Bastards,” suggesting that what we theorized all this season would be happening: Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton are about to face off in the most epic battle in the show’s history. But the battle might not actually be that epic, given the state of Jon’s army. He barely has any men and houses backing him compared to the Boltons. Plus, the Boltons have Winterfell to hide behind.

I can’t imagine that in the span of the next 60-minute episode, the Starks are suddenly going to flip this fight around so drastically.

There are a few things that could work in their favor, however.

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The first is that Beric Dondarrion’s return tonight means the Starks might be getting some supernatural help. They also might get some super backup if the Hound decides to join them to head north. However, Beric’s return sans Lady Stoneheart puts a real damper on that theory — and the Hound can only do so much. Jon also has giants, and I’m still doubtful he’ll win.

The second is that Brienne made the honorable decision for the Blackfish when faced with the Lannisters. Edmure Tully might recognize that and pay her back with some sly, behind-the-back maneuvers for the Starks, though this seems unlikely because he’s seemingly pledged loyalty to the Lannisters at this point.

The last thing is that I can’t help but wonder if Jaime will betray his house and help Brienne. Of course, he made it clear tonight that his love for Cersei trumps everything. But that was said in the heat of negotiation, when Jaime needed Edmure to believe him to be the utmost threat. Jaime and Brienne have always had a special bond, which I absolutely adore. Could that bond make Jaime put his love for Cersei on the back burner? Doubtful. But it would definitely be the biggest comeback story of any character on the show if he did.

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While I will never say never when it comes to the Starks finally getting a win, Lord of Light knows they deserve one. The Starks’ history plus their current preparedness suggests that they should probably retreat now.

Do you think the Starks will win back Winterfell, or do you think they’re already doomed to fail?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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