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Ellen, Lady Gaga, Laverne Cox and other celebs mourn with Orlando

Following the mass shooting in Orlando, which claimed the lives of 50 people who were at gay nightclub Pulse for Latin Night and which became the deadliest shooting in American history, celebrities have been showing solidarity with victims and survivors.

President Obama called the shooting an “act of terror and act of hate” in a statement to the American people. The tragedy has prompted a wide range of emotional reactions from celebrities and all of us.

Many, like Ellen DeGeneres and Lance Bass, spoke about the tears that came after they heard the shocking news.

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Others, like Justin Timberlake, shared their shock and confusion following news of the hate-fueled shooting.
And many others called for an end to gun violence and demanded change.

Country singer Kacey Musgraves took a different tack on Twitter, saying that she wished everyone could go back to “saloon days” where everyone carried “a revolver and anyone walkin in to disturb the peace might just think twice.” She deleted her post in response to a backlash, then tweeted, “Just hating hate. Lots of opinions in the mix. LOVE is the only true answer. Hard subject tho.”

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Regardless of everyone’s diverse reactions to this shooting, which is being called the biggest body count on U.S. soil linked to terrorism since 9/11, one thing is painfully clear: The Orlando shooting has shaken people across America and the world. But there’s hope in the fact that many celebrities chose to focus on love, not hate.

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