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Gwen Stefani is her own relationship’s biggest fan

Gwen Stefani is a huge fan of her relationship with Blake Shelton, but not everyone feels the same way.

During an appearance at the New York City launch of Samsung’s two new fitness wearables, Gear Fit2 and Gear IconX, Stefani talked about how much her life has changed since starting to date Shelton.

I’m our biggest fan,” Stefani told Us Weekly at the event.

“I actually feel like I’m not in my own life, because I’m not. I’m in a different life all of a sudden,” she continued. “I’m so blessed, and I feel like I believe in my path. Now there’s all these miracles around me!”

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“There was so much of an earthquake in my life. How did I survive that? I don’t know, but here we are and my life is full of so many blessings. I’m trying to really just be positive and grateful and look at it all like this was all supposed to happen.”

It’s a good thing Stefani is a fan, because not everyone is. Shelton had to shut down a hater on Twitter yesterday who got a little too mouthy about his current image.

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Shelton basically went off on her.

Then — according to the original tweeter, at least — Shelton blocked her. Just for good measure. Good thing he at least has Stefani on his side.

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