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Kelly Ripa & Alec Baldwin awkwardly talk about each other’s privates on Live!

It’s Alec Baldwin’s turn to guest-host Live! and fortunately for us, it’s also Flashback Friday. That means Ripa and Baldwin — who is wearing a serious pair of khaki shorts in honor of the show’s new beach house set — brought their A-game with blast-from-the-past photos.

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“I understand you have a photo that’s going to knock my socks off,” said Ripa, before Baldwin showed a photo of himself as a young Broadway actor that he said was from “early in my career, in my chorus boy phase.” He continues, “You see the cheery, chirpy look on my face, how wholesome I am… and of course there’s another thing you realize in that picture, which is I was the original Rock.”

Alec Baldwin
Image: ABC

“I didn’t even see your face,” laughs Ripa. “Good for you, Alec… Now I understand why Hilaria keeps getting pregnant.” Yikes.

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It only gets worse when Ripa shares her photo — a completely normal photo in which she’s posing with fans.

Kelly Ripa
Image: ABC

“Can I ask you about that picture?” asks Baldwin. “When you look at this picture… your boobs are enormous in this picture.” One word: inappropriate. Are we at a slumber party? “I was either pregnant or nursing,” says Ripa matter-of-factly.

It’s safe to say this is one guest host who won’t be thrown into the ring for a full-time spot.

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