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Yep, Anna Kournikova & Enrique Iglesias are still together (it’s been 15 years!)

Just in case you forgot, yes, Enrique Iglesias is off the market. In fact, the “Bailando” singer has been off the market for 15 years. He’s been dating former Russian tennis player Anna Kournikova ever since they were first spotted together in 2001. However, just because their love may be have been kept quiet all these years, that doesn’t mean that their relationship isn’t stronger than ever. If anything, recently separated couples such as Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama and Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris may have a thing or two to learn from them. That’s right: Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias could have this Hollywood couple thing down. And Kournikova’s latest Instagram post with her longtime boyfriend could be proof of just that.

So, what’s their secret? Considering the fact that this photo was one of the only Instagram photos showing both Kournikova and Iglesias that either has ever posted, I think it’s safe to say that privacy is a key factor in their relationship. While both Kournikova and Iglesias post photos from work, with fans and doing everyday things, they are almost never spotted out and about together, and they rarely use social media as the inside look into their relationship that you might be craving. But just because their relationship isn’t publicized, that doesn’t mean it’s not still going strong.

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Meanwhile, other factors of their relationship have kept them close over the years. For one, Kournikova can be spotted wearing a ring on that finger. However, while they may be devoted to one another, they don’t plan on marrying anytime soon. “I’m not against marriage, not at all,” Iglesias revealed during an interview with CBS Sunday Morning back in 2014. “But when you’ve been with someone for such a long time, I don’t think it’s going to make — bring us closer together. I don’t think it’s going to… make us any happier.” Yep, not having the marriage label on their relationship seems to have worked pretty well for the past 15 years.

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Or, at least, they don’t plan on marrying right now. Iglesias further explained their situation in a 2014 interview on the Today show: “What I said is that we are extremely happy the way we are. I’m not against marriage by any means.” And, hey, whatever they’re doing in the moment seems to be working for them so far. You just can’t deny the facts. Because they both look pretty happy in Kournikova’s Instagram post!

Another added plus to their relationship is the fact that the singer and tennis player have no kids who might add to their own busy schedules. And if you’re wondering who the boy in the post with them is — well, it’s not their son. It’s actually Kournikova’s younger brother Allan. And seeing how close Iglesias seems to be with his girlfriend and her younger brother brings a smile to my face. Seriously, this celebrity couple is doing just fine.

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So, while every couple has their own preferences, I think Anna and Enrique definitely have one thing down: They just don’t care what anybody else thinks. You two just keep doing you!

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