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You definitely won’t spot Teresa Giudice visiting Joe in prison every day

In March this year, Joe Giudice began serving a 41-month prison sentence (which has since been reduced by five months) at Fort Dix in New Jersey, and while we’re sure being behind bars is never pleasant, Joe seems to be serving a particularly lonely sentence.

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That’s not because his wife, Teresa Giudice, doesn’t want to see him though; it’s because the couple made the decision to try and disrupt the lives of their girls as little as possible.

So, if you were wondering why Teresa doesn’t see Joe all that frequently, her lawyer, James Leonard Jr., has finally revealed the answer.

“She’s been going up every other weekend, with whichever of the girls don’t have activities,” Leonard Jr. told People.

“Where he is, you get a certain number of points every month and each visit counts as a point. Weekend visits are considered more points,” he explained. “So because he also has his mother and sister coming to visit, and Teresa can’t go during the week because the girls are in school; they’re having to do it every other weekend.”

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However, Leonard Jr. is quick to note that this visiting setup is similar to when Teresa served time behind bars, and the couple made the decision to not disrupt their daughters’ activities to make them feel as though they were living a “normal” life. Joe reportedly feels the same way, but that doesn’t mean he and his family don’t keep in contact every day.

According to Leonard Jr., Joe and Teresa, “speak every day on the phone and over email and with the girls. Just like when she was away.”

But how is Joe coping now that he’s behind bars?

Apparently he’s settling in and he’s getting along as well as can be expected.

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As for Teresa, a quick glance at her Instagram page suggests that she is doing very well and has been spending a lot of time with her four daughters.

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