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I’m already over the Zayn Malik & Gigi Hadid relationship status confusion

What’s going on with Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid? Are they still broken up? Did they get back together? Did they ever even split up in the first place?!

After news first broke that the couple had reportedly called it quits last week, Hadid mentioned her “boyfriend” in an interview. She also posted a Snapchat singing along to his single “Pillowtalk” and retweeted him, leaving fans super confused about her relationship status.

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Most recently, Malik was spotted leaving Hadid’s apartment in New York City on Thursday, June 9. So what gives?

“Gigi was the one that broke up with Zayn when they got into their last fight. It had to do with an issue about not communicating. They are not back together but have been texting and are still connected,” says an inside source, according to a new report from E! News. “Gigi still wants to make it work though.”

However, a different source told a different publication that the couple never broke up in the first place. What?!

“Gigi and Zayn are still together. The breakup reports are completely false,” an inside source says, according to Just Jared. “And they have met each other’s families despite the false rumors circulating.”

Well, one of these sources must not be very far on the inside or is just a liar. So what is the truth? We want answers, people!

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E! News’ latest report also claims that while Hadid wants to reunite with Malik, her friends are reportedly not on board.

“Gigi’s friends think she should completely end it because Zayn has not been the best of boyfriends lately, and Gigi is extremely accommodating to him when she is the one with the crazy schedule,” the insider said.

These conflicting reports prove only one thing: We still have no idea what’s going on.

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If the couple is broken up, Hadid is kind of doing the most in terms of showing Malik that she wants to reunite, and I think it’s just kind of silly. Don’t give him the satisfaction, girl!

However, if the couple are still together, that would explain Hadid’s cryptic Snapchats and retweets. Maybe she’s trying to send us a message.

People need to get their stories straight, but honestly, I’m already so over it.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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